Managing Your Anxiety in the Midst of COVID -19

Many of us struggle with anxiety during regular times – I certainly have in my past. Anxiety has many faces. It can manifest as persistent fear and worry, even when things are, in fact, relatively OK. It can cause restlessness, sleeplessness, or irritability – leading us to argue with friends and family, or maybe yell at the kids, more than usual. We may find ourselves eating too much or too little, or turning to substances, just to try and get a little relief. Often, we are not even aware we are doing so. 


And COVID -19 has upped the ante, significantly. The world is not feeling too safe right now – there are very real dangers threatening our every-day lives and well-being. Which only makes our usual feelings of anxiety worse, piling fear on top of fear. 


I am offering up to three individual, 50-minute sessions on anxiety and how to manage it. 


You will learn some basic facts that will enable you to understand what is happening in your brain and body when anxiety takes over - so you can regain a measure of control. These are not psychotherapy sessions getting at the root of your anxiety (we can do that separately, if you’d like).


You will also develop personalized tools to manage the specific ways in which anxiety shows up for you. Anxiety can create a myriad of symptoms, and each of us experiences our own particular combination and intensity of these. My hands might sweat, while yours go cold. I might develop a headache, while you might feel nauseated and fluttery. I might feel a surge of hot, electric energy, while you might go into a sort of freeze.

Because of this, one size does not fit all when it comes to managing anxiety. Mindfulness tools such as breathing exercises and yoga might help one person tremendously, but fall flat for another, who may need to burn off some energy by running (or dancing!) before they can even begin to think about slowing their breaths. Aerobic exercise might be a terrific release for one person, but actually trigger another. So it is important to determine what tools will work best for you. We can do that together. 

Call me at (720) 491-1461 or email me at if you would like to sign up for one, two, or three of these sessions. Start to take control of your anxiety today.

Session cost: $50 for 50 minutes, or $135 for a three-session package.