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Faith 'N You Counseling and Therapy

Fast, effective therapy to achieve lasting change

Offering in-person, outdoor, and teletherapy sessions

Gone are the days when psychotherapy meant talking endlessly about the past, producing a wealth of insights, but no real change. Neuroscience-informed, experiential approaches available today allow us to access the roots of our suffering quickly, and begin creating change right from the start. 
I am a practitioner of several of these therapies, including Coherence Therapy, Internal Family Systems and Comprehensive Resource Model
If you are experiencing fear, anxiety, sadness, or perhaps feeling that your life is out of control, I can help. 
You have the capacity to change what is holding you back from the joy and personal empowerment that are your birthright. 
Reclaim your birthright today.
It can happen faster than you may think.

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