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I grew up in rural Massachusetts and New York. I have lived much of my adult life outside the US, including Paris, London, and Lausanne (Switzerland), from 1987 to 2001, and Melbourne, Australia, from 2011 to 2014. I have earned two Master of Arts degrees, one in psychology from Columbia University in 2010, and one in mental health counseling from Regis University in 2019. I had a private psychotherapy practice in Australia in 2013-2014.

My personal journey to self-growth and self-healing began in my mid-30s, after experiencing some significant suffering in my teens and 20s. With the help of a wonderful therapist, my life changed. From depression, I found joy. From imbalance, I found stability. From anxiety, I found resilience, the kind that helps us not just endure, but thrive, even through the rough times. 

And most of all, I found myself. Or rather my Self. The person I was meant to be, minus all the twistings of my personality that were demanded by – well, life in my particular family, my particular town, my particular school system, and so on. I became who everyone else thought I should be - as do so many kids raised or influenced by even the most well-meaning parents, teachers, and others - rather than who I would have become without the external pressures. 

So I know firsthand what therapy can accomplish because I’ve done it. I know firsthand how suffering can shut us down to life, to joy, to our own possibilities, because I’ve been there. 

My practice is located in Conifer, Colorado, where my husband and I have lived since 2016. I love travel, the mountains, skiing, music (I play the flute), books, and movies. And I LOVE to laugh!

My Story


I have dedicated my life to helping you uncover your truest Self

  1. National Certified Counselor (NCC #1372469)

  2. Certified Coherence Therapist

  3. Certified Coherence Therapy Trainer

  4. Assistant Director of Training, Coherence Psychology Institute, since 2014 

  5. Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Colorado (#0019023) 

  6. Master of Arts, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Regis University (2019)

  7. Master of Arts, Psychology in Education, Columbia University (2010)

  8. Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, Fordham University (1987)

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