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You were born into peace

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

I know it's been a long time.  All the pain of this world can make peace seem like a faraway dream.  Like something only other people can have.  Sometimes peace seems like it was at your old job, or before "all of this time." Sometimes peace seems off in some distant, future land. With a future partner, or business, or private island.  But the truth is, peace is always RIGHT where you are.  Beneath the fear of loss,  the grief, a difficult memory in your childhood  or your childhood itself.  Beneath the distrust of your worthiness,  your ability to receive love.  Beneath the survival strategies.  Beneath the heavy feelings,  the contracted heart, and the silenced desires.  Right where your vulnerability lies Through your inner wisdom (yes, YOURS) are the answers to your life's questions, even the ones that have troubled you for years. There lies your eternal peace. It's always there, you just need tools to rediscover it. 

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